Producing good science fiction on TV is hard. Producing good comedy on TV is also pretty tricky. But for some reason, Hollywood is willing to take the plunge and tackle both at the same time, with HBO’s recent Avenue 5 being the latest attempt the difficult undertaking, with mixed results.

Now Showtime is getting in on the action with Moonbase 8, starring Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) and John C. Reilly (Boogie Nights).

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But before you get too excited about a new spacefaring series, keep in mind that at least a major portion of the show is set on Earth in an isolated region meant to simulate the surface of the Moon (kind of like the real Mars simulation in Utah).

Pairing Armisen with Reilly seems like a comedic slam dunk, but like we said, marrying space and comedy can be pretty difficult. Can they pull it off? We’ll find out when the series debuts on November 8. Until, here’s the trailer to get you started.

Cover image via Showtime/YouTube