Gal Gadot is widely acknowledged as turning in an amazing set of performances as Wonder Wonder. But with her newest version, Wonder Woman 1984, pushed back to December 25, some fans might want their Wonder Woman fix sooner.

lynda carter deep fake

Well, if you’re truly a Wonder Woman fan, then you’re in luck because one movie fan has created a deep fake of Wonder Woman’s first feature film, except they recast Gadot with the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. Carter was the first woman to bring the iconic hero to life back in the ’70s. For many hardcore fans, Carter will always be their favorite, but this amazing video shows that maybe the two can live side by side in the annals of comic book history.

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Side Note: This deep fake is so well done it once again makes us wonder why the effects in Will Smith’s Gemini Man were so bad. But that’s another story.

Check out Lynda Carter in all her glory in the video below.

Cover image via DeepFaker/YouTube