The Marvel universe is vast and full of stories that defy convention, but the new trailer for WandaVision, the new Disney Plus series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, is far stranger than anything we’ve seen from the studio yet. Marvel comics readers know Wanda Maximoff as Scarlett Witch, and Vision was more commonly known in the comics as The Vision.

In the pages of the print series the two characters pursued an unlikely but potent romance, but in the Avengers movies the romance has been largely abbreviated due to the sheer scale of the blockbuster films. But make no mistake, these two weren’t just thrown together, in the comics their relationship was a slow burn and possibly one of the best known pairings in the Marvel universe.

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Okay, so we know what this show is based on in terms of comic book canon, but this trailer…what the hell is it? Instead of holding court in the Avengers headquarters, the two are shown in the 1950s as a traditional husband and wife couple.

Elizabeth Olsen in the original Scarlett Witch costume from the comics.

Sometimes Vision has red face, sometimes not. Sometimes the scenes are in color, sometimes in black and white. Overall, there seems to be a sort of David Lynch surreal approach to the show that we haven’t seen from any other Marvel TV show or movie.

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Did they somehow get swept up into Ant-Man time machine tech and get stranded in the past? Are the two trapped in a Iron Man/Jarvis controlled simulation? Nothing is clear other than the fact that the show seems focused on adding humor to two characters who have never been known for laughs like Spider-Man or Iron Man.

On the contrary, Wanda and Vision have historically been a pretty solemn duo. So what gives? That somewhat dark history indicates that the trailer may not be all that it appears and that the true nature of the show (which Marvel has been very secretive about) may in fact turn out to be a lot darker than it first appears.

Thankfully, the original release date of 2021 has been moved up to December 2020, so we won’t have to wait long for answers. Until then, take a dip into the mysterious world of WandaVision via the new trailer.

Cover image via Disney Plus/YouTube