We’ve seen all kinds of Star Wars movies and videos, from romance, to adventure, to comedy, to fantasy, but the one thing Star Wars hasn’t really given us is a good horror story.

To fill that void, one fan film takes us into a the world of a Stormtrooper who gets separated from his team. The film, called ALONE : Stormtrooper on the Run, is only about six minutes long, but it requires a little patience because most of the film the character, and the viewer, are steeped in confusion. But trust us, the horrific ending is well worth the w—, you know what, screw it, we have to tell you.

SPOILER ALERT INCOMING: Watch the film (below) first if you don’t want to be be spoiled.

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Casting the Ewoks as human flesh eaters is possibly the most brilliant turn we’ve seen in any Star Wars film in years.

Everyone assumes those little guys are just cute bundles of fur waiting to be hugged, but they travel with spears and bows and arrows and seem pretty tough based on previous films, so human flesh eating doesn’t actually seem that far fetched. It’s just that Star Wars fans are so used to cuteness, we forget that Star Wars also contains darkness. To the Cinecuster team behind the film, well played, that was terrifying.

Cover image via Cinecuster/YouTube