The current trend is to slap any kind of ’80s branding and design on your product possible — it’s the current retro cool that seems to be working. Will this work for the sequel to Wonder Woman? We’re about to find out, as the trailer just dropped and it leans heavily on ’80s aesthetics, including a music bed of the 1983 song “Blue Monday” by New Order.

There’s new armor, the return of a familiar face from the original, and lots of very well choreographed fight scenes. The first film was widely praised as one of DC’s few truly breakout success stories outside of the Batman Dark Knight movies. But something about this trailer feels a little less on the mark compared to the first.

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We’re not sure if it’s the over emphasis on ’80s tropes, or just the lack of a focus on the villain in the trailer (what are the stakes?). Either way, if you’ve been thirsting for a Wonder Woman follow-up, this will probably do the trick until the film debuts in June 2020.

Cover image via Warner Bros./YouTube