Short science fiction films are often fun to watch, but when one is really good, that fun turns into pure joy as you root for the director’s chances to developer the short into a full feature. Such is the case with the new short film Skywatch by director Colin Levy.

Levy says the film took him six years to make, and while its 10-minute length might make you wonder why at first, once you see the high quality of the effects, casting, acting, and even cinematography, you’re left with the sense that those years were time well spent. Levy, who has worked at Pixar as a camera and staging artist, worked on the film whenever he could, including nights and weekends, in addition to his day job.

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And while the film itself is a brilliant idea (think Amazon Prime Air drones gone rogue), we also get a special treat from a very major celebrity toward the end of the film (we won’t spoil it, just watch).

Hopefully, this film will convince a studio to give Levy a feature film budget.

If you think that’s pie-in-the-sky talk, just remember that this is the way Dan Trachtenberg (director of 10 Cloverfield Lane) started out. Before hitting the big time, Trachtenberg directed his own live action of the game Portal, and it was so well done that J. J. Abrams brought the fledging director into the Bad Robot fold.

As for Levy, who lives in Los Angeles, it’s likely that this film will put him much closer to his dream of directing a full-length science fiction epic.

Cover image via Colin Levy/YouTube