With all the Baby Yoda talk from Star Wars The Mandalorian, you’re probably not in the mood for ‘old’ Yoda. But what if we told you that it came with a side of Brad Pitt?

That’s what’s on the menu in this new deep fake video that puts Pitt in the role of Luke Skywalker training on Dagobah as Yoda instructs him in the ways of The Force.

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In another clip, created by The Fake Report, Pitt’s old buddy George Clooney stars in the role of Han Solo alongside Sean Connery (James Bond series) in the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi

The clip isn’t perfect (and the wookie should have gone untouched), but the deep fake Clooney is surprisingly well done — this definitely a role Clooney could have played.

Maybe this will get the Ocean’s Eleven team members to consider dipping their toes into the Star Wars universe.

Cover image via The Fake Report/YouTube