There are still a number of people out there who doubt the powers of VR. But gradually, one by one, everyone encounters a VR title they can’t resist. For many traditional gamers, that title will be the new Half-Life: Alyx game from Valve.

Half-Life: Alyx
Half-Life: Alyx

Valve promised it had a big title coming to match its widely praised Index VR headset, and now we know what it was.

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The company says, “[The game is] set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 [and it’s] is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.”

Not enough for you? Well, take a look at the trailer (above). This is going to get eaten up by even the most die-hard VR refuseniks.

The game comes to Steam in March 2020.

Cover image via Valve/YouTube