America loves to take Japanese horror films from the last couple of decades and remake them for U.S. audiences. But the results aren’t always as potent as the originals.

Well, that trend may be turning around, as the trailer for the newest U.S. version of The Grudge is well filmed, brilliantly paced, and features an amazing cast, starring John Cho (Star Trek movie reboots, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), Andrea Riseborough (Black Mirror “Crocodile,” Oblivion with Tom Cruise) and a handful of your favorites from other well known films.

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Produced Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell) and directed by Nicolas Pesce, the film is, dare we say it, actually scary. In fact, you might want to slip on a pair of adult diapers before hitting play on this trailer.

The film hits theaters January 3.

Cover image via Sony Pictures/YouTube