We’ve seen a lot of fan films, so when we say they usually suck it’s with a great deal of experience with suffering through poorly filmed, badly acted, terrible ideas. However, a new fan film called Star Wars: Origins appears to defy the norm — it actually looks pretty damn good.

Written and Directed by Phil Hawkins, the trailer for the film has just been released and while we don’t know the full plot, if it’s going where we think it’s going, this will be a fun ride.

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star wars: origins

In short, imagine if the worlds of Raiders of the Lost Ark collided with Star Wars, except the ancient relics Indiana Jones is pursuing are from…that’s right, a galaxy far, far away.

star wars: origins

Since this is just the trailer, there’s no way of knowing if this excellently executed trailer will result in a fully awesome fan film, but even if this were all that was available, we’d be impressed. Great work, guys!

The full film will be released on 12th December 2019, one week before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Cover image via Velvet and PhilmCo/YouTube