Concept cars and the videos that accompany them are some of the most fun things produced by automobile companies.

However, sometimes, these companies go a bit too far. Usually, they show off things they expect to introduce within five or ten years, but in the latest concept video from Lexus this week, the company ditched all sense of reality and basically posted a science fiction film.

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lexus concept car

In a video for the Lexus RX450h F Sport White (incredibly long name for a concept car by the way), we see some of the usuals: self-driving car functions, wearable wristband that lets you control the car, and of course side window and windshield virtual displays. Fine, we can believe all of this stuff is coming soon.

lexus concept car

But then Lexus goes too far by showing what can only be described as Star Wars style companion boots ushering the passengers to and from the car.

It’s a great look for a sci-fi film, but when you’re trying to sell us on the next upcoming model of your car, maybe leave out the fantastical stuff that you have no intention of actually making. Still, the car looks pretty sweet, but now we have to wonder if it’s as fictional as the robots in the video.

Cover image via ToyotaGB/Vimeo