The team at Russia’s Modern House Architecture & Design were so inspired by Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck that they designed to house to go with the vehicle.

cyber house
cyber house

Situated in the middle of a desert setting, the design team called structure a “Cyberhouse for the zombie Apocalypse.” Some preppers who signed up to buy the Cybertruck specifically cited the vehicle’s solar panels as a possible end of days survival tools, so the zombie apocalypse theme seems to fit. The house even has a car elevator, which means you’d be able to hide in your bunker without getting out to fight the undead.

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However, we still have a couple of years for the truck to arrive, but in the meantime maybe a Tesla fan will actually pay for the firm to make the Cyberhouse real. You can see it from all angles in the video above.

Cover image via MODERN HOUSE Architecture & Design/YouTube