The city of Los Angeles is slowly trying to return to normal, but one thing that doesn’t seem to be changing is the fact that so many people are now wearing masks of various kinds.

In response to the new lay of the land, L.A.-based creative studio Production Club has developed a concept mask-meets-helmet system that could one day be how we party if these public health issues continue to be hard to wrangle.

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The system isn’t a full body suit, instead it’s just a head and shoulders mechanism that includes air pumped in and filtered out via N95 filters, a built-in sound system, and a voice communication module.

The designers describe the device as such: “User customized monitoring and emotion broadcast lighting system is comprised of several groups of screens and addressable RGBWA SMD LEDs to facilitate emotional connection and act as indicators of the user’s mood, needs, warnings, messages, desires and more. For example, a rainbow lighting chase effect across your suit can express joy, while a static red light could express ‘busy’ or a green slowly intermittent shimmering light could express ‘idle’ or ‘resting’ state.”

“‘Camera app’ function as an added extra POV camera that connects with your phone to take snaps and videos
– Proactive computer vision safety recording based on AI analysis of external agents can be set up to record based on the system’s perceived level of threat or just ‘trigger word’ that records remotely based on cloud platform
– ‘Chest eye’ system that allows you to see in real-time things that your suit or helmet subsystems might be occluding.”

Of course, we don’t expect this to become a reality anytime soon, but as a vision of one possible future, it’s about as science fiction meets reality as it gets.

Cover image via Production Club