Synopsis: In a future prison, inmates are not locked up for years – they’re connected to an accelerated simulation that allows them to serve their entire sentence in a few days. What these inmates don’t know is that before they’re released, they undergo a “Parole Simulation” that seems utterly real – and their moral resolve is tested in their most private moments.

In this way, only the truly reformed are deemed “corrected” and released back into society. Cyrus, a lonely parole technician, becomes obsessed with Alice – an alluring and sociopathic inmate that the system seems unable to reform. While most inmates are corrected and released quickly, Alice has failed nearly a thousand Parole Simulations. Cyrus tries convincing Alice to undergo a procedure that will radically alter her personality, so she can finally be corrected and released.

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But Alice has her own plans. Despite having her memory wiped between Parole Simulations, she gets to Cyrus – seducing him and chipping away at his sanity … until it’s not clear who has the upper hand.

Cover image via Dust/YouTube