Of all the many casting possibilities mentioned as a replacement for Keanu Reeves, the one name that doesn’t get enough play is Bruce Lee. That is, of course, because he’s been dead for decades.

But thanks to Deep Fake technology, that might no longer be a barrier, and this clip of Lee as Neo training with Morpheus from the folks at Ctrl Shift Face shows us what it might look like if someone decided to completely re-release The Matrix with Bruce Lee in the starring role.

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We have to admit, of all the Deep Fakes out there, this is the recasting we really want to see. The only problem is that Keanu’s moves are nothing like the super fast and artistic movement of Lee’s real martial arts. Despite that one shortcoming, this brief clip is so awesome, it’s probably just a matter of time before someone does this to the entire film.

Cover image via Ctrl Shift Face/YouTube