The latest sequel to the The Ring film franchise, Sadako, is in Japanese and subtitled in English. Fans of the original film (Ringu) will be happy to know that the original director Hideo Nakata is back in control this time around.

Currently, the film is already playing in Japan and just hit North America at Montreal’s Fantasia Fest on Thursday.

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There will be another showing on July 18.

The synopsis from the producers: In 1998, Sadako, one of the most frightening contemporary horror film characters, burst through screens and began haunting the dreams of filmgoers all over the world. Taken from universe of novelist Koji Suzuki, the “Japanese Stephen King”, and refined by filmmaker Hideo Nakata, this vengeful wraith caused the film Ringu to influence the entire genre for over a decade, in the East as well as the West. For his return to the helm of the franchise, Nakata has decided to double the stakes by adding a second Sadako to the mix…

A young girl with amnesia is admitted to a Tokyo hospital’s psychiatric wing. Raised in secrecy, she barely managed to survive a fire started by her mother who, because of the former’s telekinetic powers, believed her to be the reincarnated Sadako. Psychologist Mayu Akikawa quickly grows fond of her, seeing herself reflected in her solitary past, a lifetime of loneliness. Meanwhile, Mayu’s brother Kazuma, a producer of absurd online videos, attempts to boost his viewership by broadcasting an excursion into the burned ruins of the girl’s house, when he suddenly disappears. Alarmed by the last-seen images of her only family and by several supernatural events linking her new patient to Sadako’s curse, Mayu sets off in search of Kazuma.

With its chilling sound effects, killer cryptic imagery, and a mysterious tale that slowly but surely builds towards uncontrollable fear, Sadako truly transports us back into the twisted world of the Ringu saga. However, Nakata and Suzuki renew the franchise’s mythology sufficiently to take its fans by surprise. They play with our expectations by giving us several good frights, and enhancing the picture with an effective score reminiscent of classics like Suspiria and The Exorcist, which adds much to the atmosphere filmmakers hold dear. Fantasia greatly contributed to Ringu’s North American popularity, and is proud to be introducing Sadako’s newest torments. 

Cover image via Planet Dark/YouTube