The first trailer for Twilight star Kristen Stewart’s new science fiction film Underwater is out and it looks very familiar. Anyone who has seen the Alien series of films will instantly recognize a lot of the same iconography. Let’s go down the list.

Rag tag crew huddled around display table in the center of a dark control room? Check. A menacing creature you only see in brief shots as it darts around in the shadows? Check. Stewart doing her best Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) impression in a military/crew-style undies when suddenly interrupted by otherworldly threat? Check.

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And the biggest tell: In one scene, Stewart is even shown duplicating a classic scene in which Ripley is looking away and cringing as the monster gets up close and personal.

Despite all the duplication notes, the film actually looks pretty interesting, and it explores the vast unknown of the undersea realm, which really doesn’t get enough play. And, for biting comedy relief, we have HBO Silicon Valley alum T.J. Miller.

The film is set to be released on Jan. 10 2020.

Cover image via 20th Century Fox/YouTube