The art meets jewelry piece is called Incognito, and it was created by Poland-based artist Ewa Nowak, founder of the Noma Studio and a graduate of the Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a master’s degree

ewa nowak art

It’s not for sale (yet), but it shows at least one direction future fashion may take as publicly installed facial recognition systems become more widespread.

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Artist Statement (translated):

“A project that deals with the subject of social surveillance and the protection of one’s image in public places. The object is to protect the image from facial recognition algorithms used in modern cameras installed in public space. It is a kind of mask made of brass, contoured to the shape of the face. The three elements on it make the human face unrecognizable by the camera.”

“This project was preceded by a long-term study on the shape, size and location of mask elements, so that it actually fulfilled its task. When testing solutions, I used the DeepFace algorithm, which is used by Facebook. The second part of the project is a kind of object – a joke, a mirror hood that makes the user look like the surroundings.”

Cover image via Noma Studio