We’re all wondering why 2019 is about to be over and yet we still don’t have the flying cars promised in Blade Runner. Well maybe if we could leave the sky driving to computers we might actually get to a world full of flying cars.

skyryse luna
skyryse luna

That seems to be the vision with Skyryse‘s Luna, a self-piloting helicopter unveiled this week. The company demonstrated how the self-piloting helicopter operates through a video posted on YouTube in which the pilots are just along for the ride.

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“Our digitized airframes are able to conduct multivariate analysis and make the split-second adjustments needed to keep the aircraft within safe flight parameters as they complete their journey,” reads the company’s explainer, which doesn’t reveal when the tech will be widely available.

As with self-driving cars, the vehicle is still at the stage where a human needs to be in the cabin to ensure nothing goes wrong, but this proves that we’re further along with autonomous vehicles than most people guess.

Cover image via Skyryse/YouTube