When Elon Musk unveiled his Tesla Cybertruck last month, the design was so futuristic, some wondered if it was real or a prank. We now know that the truck is real, but since some industry insiders are still opining that it may never see the road, Musk decided to take the truck out in public this weekend.

The Cybertruck was spotted several, once on a highway in Los Angeles and also by several onlookers at Nobu in Malibu, California.

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Cybertruck in the wild near LAX

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Once the truck arrived at Nobu it was revealed that it was, in fact, Musk behind the wheel of the truck.

The fact that the mere appearance of the truck has caused so much online chatter is proof that, no matter what car industry insiders say, the public is incredibly excited about this vehicle.

Unfortunately for all Cybertruck fans, the vehicles is at least two years away from being available.

Cover image via v2rocxket/Reddit