So far we’ve only seen the Tesla Cybertruck in live situations at night, during the initial unveiling a few days ago. But a Twitter user has posted video of what may be the first footage of the vehicle in the day time outside of Tesla’s official promotional videos.

What’s significant here is that we not only see the Tesla Cybertruck on a normal road, but we also see the vehicle driving amongst conventional vehicles, which really highlights just how futuristic this car is.

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Based on the identity of the original video recorder, who shot the video from another car, it appears to be filmed on the streets of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hawthorne, California, the same area that SpaceX calls home.

The vehicle’s design and the hype around it has been so polarizing that just the sheer discussion around it has turned into iPhone levels of nerd chatter. In fact, the Cybertruck has become so much of a rock star piece of tech that some are even wondering if this footage is real (a valid concern in the age of deep fakes).

Regardless, real or not, this is your first look at the Cybertruck in the wild, away from Elon Musk’s lab, and it still looks pretty awesome.

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Cover image via AppleJones40/Twitter