When the Biomimetics team at MIT recently showed off an entire crew (nine in all) of its mini cheetah robots working in unison, they probably thought it would be look cute to the rest of the world. Endearing even. There’s just one problem: Black Mirror already covered this territory.

In the episode “Metalhead,” human live in a world in which they have to scavenge just to stay alive as hundreds of robot dogs hunt them down and do anything they can to kill humanity.

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Unfortunately for the MIT team, Black Mirror‘s robots look almost ‘exactly’ like the mini cheetah robots.

Visual effects company DNEG posted a breakdown of how they designed and animated their sci-fi version of what is turning out to be a very real thing.

However, once the MIT video got out, predictably, Black Mirror fans all over the internet were all over it with the dark humor and few memes.

Cover image via MIT