We know that The Matrix 4 is now in production, and we know that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will return to continue their previous roles. But now a major new wrinkle has been added with the news that child TV star and movie actor Neil Patrick Harris (Starship Troopers, Gone Girl) has been added to the cast.

What we don’t know is what role the actor — who usually plays the good guy — will play in the franchise. However, after going over Harris’ filmography, and accounting for the fact that we already know who the good guys are, it seems extremely likely that Harris will be, that’s right, the new leading Agent villain in the Matrix.

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The perfect diction, upright posture, and sinister delivery previously performed by Hugo Weaving could be an easy lift for Harris, who has grown into an actor who can morph into a number of different personas.

You can catch a bit of his sinister charm in his appearance on American Horror Story (below):

Plot details around his addition to the film haven’t been revealed, but his casting is confirmed, so we’ll have to wait to see if our deductive sci-fi reasoning is on the mark.