Once upon a time is was common to hear a child say they want to be an astronaut when they grow up. But as we’ve got farther and farther away from the moon landing decades ago, you hear this aspiration a bit less from school children.

Well, NASA aims to change that, and this latest video will probably go a long way toward that goal. A new video titled “Space is Hard” promotes NASA’s efforts to prepare for missions to the moon in 2024 and later Mars.

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But rather than a dry recitation of why space exploration is important, NASA came up with a pretty bad ass video montage of new and old footage, along with stirring music and voiceovers, that make the prospect of traveling to space just as exciting as it really is.

In addition to showing the kinds of rigorous physical training involved, the video shows off the technical testing behind the scenes, past triumphs, and even simulations using VR.

If NASA is trying to get people more engaged and excited about space exploration, “Space is Hard” is exactly the right way to do it. You can watch the video embedded above.

Cover image via NASA/YouTube