In the universe of Star Trek, at least on Earth, money is no longer an issue and people eat as much as they want and live in luxury pads. But we all know that there are still corners of Star Trek where gold pressed latinum, a fictional currency, rules transactions. Therefore, it’s fitting that the cryptocurrency domain of blockchain tech adds a bit Star Trek to its mix.

“Today we are thrilled to announce that CSC is boldly going where no blockchain game has gone before! The iconic brand and ships from the show we all know and love, Star Trek, is coming to CSC in a limited time cross-universe event,” said Fazri Zubair, CTO & Co-Founder of LucidSight, the company behind the blockchain-based game Crypto Space Commander (CSC), in a blog post. The game is an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that was built with Unity and uses an Ethereum-based economy.

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“All items in CSC including Star Trek event items are secured to the Ethereum blockchain as a True Digital Item,” says Zubair.

“Each item and ship created are given blockchain and index serial numbers based on the order created. This public record of creation and ownership will persist on the Ethereum Blockchain and cannot be modified. The ownership record of these items also cannot be changed (even by us, the developer) without the secure consent of the item owner via the Ethereum blockchain. This characteristic of blockchain items is what constitutes a True Digital Item, ownership characteristics similar to real-world counterparts (toys, comics, and collectible cards).”

Some of the non-Star Trek items in the CSC game have already sold for over $50,000 within the early adopter community [Discord invite link] around the game, so there’s reason to believe that the Star Trek items will be popular with blockchain gamers when the game is officially released later this summer.