It’s almost Westworld time again, and to remind us of the awesome, HBO has released the longest, more revealing trailer for Season 3 yet.

westward season 3
westward season 3

One thing that immediately comes across is a distinct Matrix undertone. Now that the story has moved to the futuristic human city, the robots are in the role of the oppressed as they attempt free themselves from the human system, fighting against other robots that want to maintain the status quo — very Matrix-y, but in reverse.

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The other thing on display here is the star power, including the familiar faces of Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, and Thandie Newton, but with the addition of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), and French superstar Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Ocean’s Twelve).

You can also see that the show hasn’t taken a step back in terms of budget, as the effects look every bit as good, if not better than before.

The series returns to HBO on March 15.

Cover image via HBO/YouTube