If you’re a Tesla Cybertruck fan, you’ve probably seen every commentary, fan modification, and Elon Musk style humor meme out there. But you may have missed the weirdest, and coolest Cybertruck video of them all.

A virtual character by the name of AI Angel popped up on YouTube earlier this year and she’s garnered a rather significant fanbase. Voiced and animated by an anonymous producer, AI Angel seems to have a pretty good sense of humor and an ever evolving look. That’s why it was almost guaranteed that she would tackle the Cybertruck with her own modification session showing the vehicle in different states of wild paint choices (see her in the video below).

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Something tells us that this is just one of a soon to be huge legion of virtual characters (like Hatsune Miku) that will capture the imaginations of the public. So while you’re freaking out at how engaging AI Angel is, you can also get another Cybertruck fix in case you’ve been wondering how you’ll customize yours when it hits the streets.

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Cover image via TheRogueShadow/YouTube