The “robocop,” which was deployed in Huntington Park, CA is actually a rebranded robot from a Silicon Valley-based company called Knightscope. The local police force is calling it HP Robocop, and has given it its own Twitter account.

In a press release, city officials stated:
“HP Robocop is an autonomous sophisticated data machine that is meant to serve outdoors. It will act as an extra set of eyes and monitor areas such as parks, city buildings and corridors where police might not have the time to consistently patrol.

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“It will serve as a deterrent to crime and disruptive activity and also provide the police force with 360-degree HD video footage. HP RoboCop also has other technology features that will prove to be beneficial in day-to-day operations and follow-up investigations.”

“I’m very excited that we can officially call on HP RoboCop to help our police officers patrol our city,” said Mayor Karina Macias. “This is a big accomplishment for our city and introducing HP RoboCop shows innovation and the incorporation of new technology. I am certainly impressed with HP RoboCop and can’t wait to see the public safety benefits it will bring to our community.”